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We can help maintain your vacation rental!

Are you a host looking for comprehensive cleaning services for your STR in Tampa or the surrounding area? Look no further, at Cleasy, we prioritize providing top-notch cleaning services tailored specifically for hosts. Along with our specialized services such as sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, painting and property repairs.

Our main goal is to ensure that your property is always clean, fresh and welcoming. Every guest’s stay should be as spotless and welcoming as the first, and our services are designed to make this a reality. We understand the high standards of cleanliness that your guests expect, and we are here to help you meet and exceed those expectations.

We offer vacation rental cleaning services to Airbnb hosts and STR property managers. Need a team to take care of your cleaning? Our vacation rental cleaners have been taking care of the cleaning needs for thousands of appointments in the area.

Make it easy with Cleasy.

AirBnb and vacation home cleaning
Painting and home renovation

Cleasy takes your projects to the next level, let CLEASY do the work and make your life EASY.

We are CLEASY, a professional team to help maintain your property to the highest standards of cleanliness and basic home care needed to keep that beautiful “welcome home and come back anytime.”
We are a team of professionals in the areas of cleaning, painting and other household needs.
We have extensive experience in cleaning services for vacation rentals and STR properties, we also have a dedicated team in the areas of painting, cleaning and light home projects.

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AirBnb and Vacation Home Cleaning


Paiting and Home Renovation


Other Services

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Clean with CLEASY and make it EASY!

Other Services

Take out the trash can for collection

Change AC filter

Change batteries

Pour vinegar down the drain line

Spray around unit (not pest control service, preventative spray)

Change light bulbs

Tighten locks, handles, doorknobs, furniture

Remove cobwebs from the front (the back is not included)

Hang pictures

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